Monday, October 15, 2007

Frustated Blogger

Here I am trying to post these pic. Oh yeahh soo easssy(being doggy sarcastic). I'm looking at all the blogs and man they look good. I especially hate Techie's scrunchybutt one. He's such a show off man. I"m here trying to type and i'm sooo dam sleepy and hungry. I need food man. Where is my foooood. Give Aussie Wussie his food man. Oh i soo need to go shopping for myself. Anyways back to the point, this bloggin thing is harder than it looks. Whyyy??? In fact why i'm I here. Why are any of us here? I doo not knowww this answer for I am only a dog. Nowwww mannnnnnnnnn,, sooooooo......Ruffff rufff in frusstration ahaaahahaha. Aussie out!!!!

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