Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Balance Training Begins

Aussie and HB: What is this???
HB: I don't know Aussie.
Aussie: Looks like a dead animal, but what does he want us to do with it?

Aussie: He's saying "Balance" but what doesss that meannnn????
HB: I don't know either. I'm only 3 doggy yrs old.
Aussie: Dad what the doggy hell do you mean?

HB: hahahahahahahahah.....you look soo like foool Aussie!!!!
Aussie: Oh shussh man HB. I guess this is what he meant. hahahah.
HB: why are you laughing?
Aussie: Well because you're fuzzy butt is next.

HB: grrrrrr.....Shush your muzzle Aussie!!!!!

1 comment:

sharkgila said...

teehee! so cute!

Good balancing, guys.