Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aussie Portrait

Yess Yesss, so my dad showed me today what his pretty Girlfriend, Nikki, got him for his Birthday, a painting of mee!!! Ahaaaa look at it. Looks just like me. I like to think of it as my Bday gift since i'm 15 days before him anyways...haha.

Well so far, Nikki, is doing well to get into my good book. I must say that is a sweet gift. I think i'll cut her some slack. I also hear she's getting a new puppy, a cute female Goldie name Izzy. Maybe if i play my cards right I can get me a pretty GF too.

Ohh loook below is the orginal pic my dad took of me on that day. He loves to harass me with his camera. He's lucky i'm so

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Balance Training Begins

Aussie and HB: What is this???
HB: I don't know Aussie.
Aussie: Looks like a dead animal, but what does he want us to do with it?

Aussie: He's saying "Balance" but what doesss that meannnn????
HB: I don't know either. I'm only 3 doggy yrs old.
Aussie: Dad what the doggy hell do you mean?

HB: look soo like foool Aussie!!!!
Aussie: Oh shussh man HB. I guess this is what he meant. hahahah.
HB: why are you laughing?
Aussie: Well because you're fuzzy butt is next.

HB: grrrrrr.....Shush your muzzle Aussie!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Frustated Blogger

Here I am trying to post these pic. Oh yeahh soo easssy(being doggy sarcastic). I'm looking at all the blogs and man they look good. I especially hate Techie's scrunchybutt one. He's such a show off man. I"m here trying to type and i'm sooo dam sleepy and hungry. I need food man. Where is my foooood. Give Aussie Wussie his food man. Oh i soo need to go shopping for myself. Anyways back to the point, this bloggin thing is harder than it looks. Whyyy??? In fact why i'm I here. Why are any of us here? I doo not knowww this answer for I am only a dog. Nowwww mannnnnnnnnn,, sooooooo......Ruffff rufff in frusstration ahaaahahaha. Aussie out!!!!

Humphrey Bogart's blogging waggin starts.

Ahaaaa thisss is me Humhrey Bogart coming live to you via the internet from belize. Yahooo. I need more pics, got to get my dad to charge his batteries. Anways send me emails and treats and anything that's good to eat.

Aussie Wussie 1st blog.

This is me Aussie. My dad took this of me while i was out in the yard. He can be such a harasser sometimes. I look good though don't I